Brian Rebbechi, from Welshmans Reef, somewhere in the wilds of Victoria, finally has his Xenos on its feet.
Brian Rebecchi Xenos.jpg
All he has to do now is add an engine and he'll have a nice 3-wheeler car. I can attest to the fact that a Xenos kit takes up lots of space. Brian lashed out for the pre-assembled wing spars, and considering that it takes 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other that was probably not a bad idea.
Peter Anson

VH-YSX (AKA Sonex 1081 at Rodds Bay, Central QLD)
Waiex #149

Can't let Richo have all the fun.
Paint job done, weight and balance done, final inspection done and paper work into RAA.
Hope to be in the air very soon.
Peter Henry

Sonex #1080

Dave Griffiths sent through some photos and an update to his project.
Sonex 1080 is a 3300 tri-gear, which is progressing well in Gladstone, QLD.
It has some nice goodies in the panel too! Dave Griffiths Sonex 1080

Waiex #155

4 April 2014 - Rodger and Kay Connolly's AeroVee Waiex VH-YEX has left the nest and is now flying out of Kilcoy Airfield in SE Queensland. The initial flight highlighted some engine cooling issues, however these have been brought under control by increasing the cowl exit area to 50

Greg Jones is looking for a canopy for his scratch build project - contact details in Items for Sale or Items Wanted

10 Jun 14 -Tony Richardson deals with Empty Shed Syndrome!! Tony Richo - Sonex 813

Ceramic Coating

I thought some of you may be interested in what I have done to my exhaust pipes. By doing this to my hanger neighbours AeroVee head temperatures went down by about 10 degrees. (Cost $200.00)
Peter Henry (#149)

New Batteries

I thought some of you may be interested in these new batteries. I have installed one on my Waiex.
10lbs lighter, very low static dissipation rate, smaller and cranks like a bitch (500CCA).
Price comparable with an odyssey.
None of the issues associated with previous lithium Batteries.
Link: Ballistic
Dimensions (Metric): 114MM (L) x 114MM (W) x 112MM (H)
Dimensions (Standard): 4.5" (L) x 4.5" (W) x 4.25" (H)
Negative Terminal Location: Left
Weight: 1633 grams (3.6 lb)
Voltage (Charged): 13.6V
Amperage: 28 Pb-eq A/H
Pulse Cranking Amps: 500 CCA
Operating Environment: -18°C (0°F) to 60°C (140°F)
16 Cell EVO2 (100-013) - $269.99
Peter Henry W#149
Light weight lithium battery installed on my Waiex.

SonexAus News September 2012

Richard Ewing, Perth
My kit was shipped from the factory on July 19th. We got to Oshkosh on the 20th L. Missed by that much. Expecting the big arrival late September, early October. I have the work areas prepared and the storage spots all marked and ready. I’ll let you know when the large package arrives.

From Lynn Jarvis, Adelaide
My Dad, now 88, has a lot of spruce and ply that he wants to sell and he would prefer it to go to somebody building an aircraft. I have a boat builder lined up but I thought you might know some people, perhaps a club or group, who might buy the lot. I am wondering whether the Jodel builder group who come to Yarrawonga would be interested. Dad also has a set of D19 plans unused.

The spruce is from a factory, Fisherman’s Bend I think, that used to make Mosquito bombers - it is that old!. It is rare enough as a collector's item. Some beautiful logs of A grade in the lot.

The history of this is that when the factory closed down, my father and friend together bought up all the spruce that was left, a huge amount, and split it between them. Approximately 12 of his aircraft have been built using this wood. His friend, Ted Pascoe, who recently passed away, used his share to build gliders of his own design. The remainder of his half has been sold to a boatbuilder.

Dad has lengths between 12 and 18ft all around 6x3". Most are A-grade. Although I can't see it being used at all, the plan is for my brother and myself to keep one log for spares in case a major repair is needed for the two remaining aircraft. The rest has to go. All is negotiable however. Call me to discuss if anybody is interested 08 8374 2269 - evenings is best.

Lynn Jarvis

Peter Bakker, Adelaide
I have just finished the RH wing. Only the LH wing to go than I am ready to rig. Both Flaps and Ailerons are done. The empennage and most of the Fuselage are done. The Fuselage Canopy and Instrument panel still have to be done. The plane will be mostly polished and during the building progress I pre-polish with F9. So fare I have spend about 1500hrs on the project.
Peter Bakker, Sonex #1430, Aerovee 2.1, Tri-Gear

Barry McFarlane, Temora
Just a quick update on my Sonex progress to date.
Have finished Tail & Horizontal Stab c.w Elevators. Construction of Aluminium straight forward but fibreglass tips for both vertical & horizontal did not fit or even come close. Ended up modifying mount to suit.
Hope to be at Narromine next month

Adrian Clout, Bathurst

Just an update on the Sonex multiple order. I have all the stuff here , there is no damage that I have found so far anyway. (Not expecting to though as it was packed very well) I will be delivering Micheal's in Wgong this weekend. If there is any of the group coming to Narromine or anyone who can transport to Melbourne I will bring it out.

Savings are great ,To bring in say one canopy it would cost upwards of $2000 + the canopy with 7 of us involved the cost was $300 approx + the order. By buying 8 canopies we got them for $250 ea instead of $300. Our box was no bigger than what would be required for 1 canopy. A few ordered 2 canopies and 2 windshields so they really saved a bundle.

Work from my end was minimal and in fact if I did it again it would be much less now I know what to expect. I did not log the time involved and probably would be shocked if I did but it was enjoyable so no big deal. The biggest fear was not stuffing anything up , common thing for me but all went well. A few people including me ordered stuff from Wicks to be sent to Sonex and included in our box , even that went smoothly. I have a good rapport with Jeremy at Sonex and Christine at C&H freight. I had to use them because even though customs say you can do the paper work yourself, in reality it would cost more than the agent charges.

Would you believe I had a request today for a canopy and a cowl +++ from a fellow in SA

sadly he was a bit late. BUT if there is more interest I would be happy to do it again.

See you at Narromine , I might attend the AGM to see what’s going on.

Cheers Adrian

Mike Leahy, Umina Beach NSW
My sonex is going along steadily except being away from home with work is a continual pain. I have completed the vertical stabiliser, horizontal stabiliser, elevators, rudder, ailerons, flaps, right wing and virtually the left wing. I am now polishing skins prior to riveting as it is so much easier to do. The left wing is all deburred, primed and skins are polished so next step is the easy rivet together.
I have a Jab3300 engine which is now fitted with ROTEC liquid cooled heads and will have their electronic ignition on one side, plus TBI. The aircraft will be fitted out for emergency IFR (ie get out of cloud) or after dusk landing. So I have fitted Duckworths HID Landing lights and LED nav/strobe lights. I do not intend to fly IFR or at night. The ailerons are sport acro size and the cockpit will be configured as a sport trainer. Landing gear configuration standard.
I am really looking forward to getting on with the fuselage and flying. Are you off to Narromine this weekend? if so I will see you there,
all the best,
Mike Leahy