WARNING - "Nigerian" scammers are active looking at these wanted/for sale entries
An example of an email recently received, poor english and grammer and tellingly starts with hello dear!!
hello dear ,
i have NuVite kits, for sale ,in good condition,no crash!hit me up about the items
you needed if you are still interested of it

Have "extra" bits and pieces you don't need, looking for something to finish your project? Place your advertisement here!


  • Full Waiex kit #109, some work done on fueselage and tail AD. Camit 3300 engine mount.
  • Sonex plans #665, majority of rivets, some angle stock and sheet stock. Some parts duplicated from Waiex, wing spars etc. Spar caps not yet ordered.
  • Nuvite, Aerotrim and some other bits, will need to do a stocktake.
Am tied up with a nasty case of "Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome" and very likely to soon be made redundant at work - prefer to keep and build whilst looking for work, but negotiable on price given circumstances.
Make an offer, worst I can do is say "no thanks" and pass on the "wife's" lawyers to show its not worth $25k!
Located Maitland. 0458 257 135 - peter@eedy.id.au


Sensenich 54 x 50 or 52 wood or composite prop for Jabiru 2200.

Tony (I want to cruise faster) Richardson!

0412 392 293

For Sale
Here's a link to an announcement by a Sonex builder in the US who is wanting to sell a plans set plus various odds and sods. Could be a worth looking at for a good deal.

For Sale

At this point the following parts are available near Glen Innes and I am willing to negotiate,

plans-$750 and spar caps-$1050(these go together)rivet kit-$790
wing tips-$210
tail tip set-$240
Sonex Form Blocks and Flanging Dies-$175

I also have nearly all of the 6061-T6 stock but after moving around a bit lately I haven't located the invoices yet.
There is a variety of tools from skin pins to counter sinks and more.


i'm not nigerian

For Sale
Sonex canopy x2 new $1400 Will ship in original crate buyer will need to organise freight at time of sale.

Call Sean 0428001744

Tail wheel caster SNX-L03-05
Tail wheel pivot fitting SNX-L03-04
Willing to buy or borrow from someone who hasnt used them yet and replace them when I return from Oshkosh

Contact Keith Jeffs 0438508576

For those riveting their spars and want to use a rivet gun. Colleague has a brand new, unused, still in box pneumatic riveter. Not required due to over-order.
Aircraft Spruce - 2602A : http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/topages/rivetgun2602.php
Asking cost at A$130 ex freight.
Contact : denmart(at)adam.com.au
You will also need a flush rivet set and an offset set of the right size for the rivets.
I got some locally from Angel Aircraft : http://angelaircraft.com.au/
Lynn Jarvis

Rudder cap
I have a waiex rudder cap P/no XNS-T10-06 for sale
It was sent by mistake from Sonex
Keith Jeffs
Info on scratch build materials
Hi Guys I am at the early stages of information gathering with a view to scratch building a Sonex! does anyone have any Australian contacts for the 6061-T6 aluminium materials required to build?? Also anyone in WA who has experience in importing the full kit with Aerovee engine so that I can do a price comparison.
Thanks in advance
Damien damoirish@yahoo.com

Taildragger. Aerovee 80HP. Polished metal. Dual controls. Garmin 196 GPS. New tinted canopy. Microair Radio. Grand Rapids EIS. 60 litres fuel capacity. 18 litres / hour. Cruise 100kts. Aerobatic. TT 90 hour. Will register RA-Aus if required.
$49,000 OBO Contact Shane Fewings. Phone 0412 537 730Email sonex386@gmail.com