Sonex have released Service Bulletins WIX-SB-002 and XNS-SB-002 in response to the swaged cable and thimble assembly issue.

Importantly it describes the warranty action to have the cables replaced and clarifys which assemblies are considered servicable or not.

Sonex Service Bulletin page

RAAUS have released a General Airworthiness Directive 12 Aug 14 - Swaged Cable Inspection 12082014

applicable to aircraft with swaged cable and thimble assemblies i.e. Waiex and Xenos

Details here : RAAus Swaged Cable Inspection

Read carefully. Inspect and ensure the cables meet specifications. See the FAA Advisory Circular AC43-13 1B (Chapter 7 here) pp7-30 and 7-31 for specifications. If they meet specs make an annotation in your log book indicating this inspection has been done. If not, fix before further flight.(Stuart T).

13 Aug 2014

RAAUS have released a General Airworthiness Directive 12 Aug 14 - Swaged Cable Inspection 12082014

applicable to aircraft with swaged cable and thimble assemblies i.e. Waiex and Xenos

Details here : RAAus Swaged Cable Inspection

19 June 2014

Aerovee Service Bulletin

ACV-SB-061714 issued 17/6/14 - REQUIRED for Aerovee Engines delivered prior to late 2012

Sonex Aircraft requires the immediate replacement of all ACV-Z01-36 (3/4” long) Flat Head Socket Cap Screws that hold the Trigger Shaft Assembly (ACV-F01-24) to the Flywheel with ACV-Z01-81 (7/8” long) Flat Head Socket Cap Screws....

Refer to: Aerovee Service Bulletin page for more information and ordering details.

26 April 2014

Some Sonex, Waiex, Xenos kit parts manufactured from wrong material thickness

This is not an official notice

An Australian builder who recently received his Xenos kit has noticed that all of the control surface preformed ribs supplied with his kit are manufactured from 0.025" material rather than the 0.032" material specified in the drawings. The parts include Sonex parts (rudder ribs, also used on the Waiex), and Xenos parts (ruddervator ribs, aileron and speed brake ribs). He reported the matter to Sonex, who eventually responded with the following email:

Subject: Rib Material Thickness

Hi Brian,

Jeremy did a study and determined the .025" thick ribs present no structural concerns for us.

I apologize for the delay in getting you an answer.

Blue Skies,

Kerry Fores

However, the disclaimer at the bottom of the email says:

Sonex Aircraft, LLC Technical Support Disclaimer: Any tech support provided in this e-mail is supplied for your consideration/evaluation only. Only airframes built strictly to the plans have been thoroughly engineered and tested by Sonex Aircraft LLC. Any deviations from the Sonex, Waiex, or Xenos plans are accomplished at the builder's own risk.

It appears uncertain when manufacture of the ribs from .025" material started, or if the problem extends beyond Sonex and Xenos kits, but if you wish to ensure your aircraft is built strictly to Sonex plans you should measure material thickness of all control surface ribs. For assembled parts the rib at each end could be checked fairly simply by making a small go/no-go gauge by cutting a thin slot in a small strip of aluminium. The slot should be large enough to fit over 0.025" material but not large enough to fit over 0.032". Note that Sonex and Waiex aileron end ribs, the ones that finish the aileron at 45◦, ARE specified as .025" thicknesss.

19 November 2013

Flight Control Rod End stiffness

CASA have released an airworthiness bulletin relating to alternative part numbered rod ends fitted to aircraft controls. The rod ends developed a high "breakaway torque" i.e. they were stiff to move.
Although it is not directed specifically at Sonex aircraft, our aircraft use a similar type of commercial rod end and could be subject to the same problem highlighted in the bulletin.

11 September 2013

Aerovee with Nikasil cylinders/pistons

Just became aware of the following....
21 May 2013 Aerovee released Service Bulletin ACV-SB-052113 - Possible piston wrist pin circlip displacement from keeper groove resulting in cylinder damage. Suspect circlips only supplied with Nikasil cylinders/pistons. Inspect and replace with recommended part. Details here

5 September 2012

URGENT Airworthiness Directive issued by CASA: Jabiru Engines

17th August 2012 Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd released Service Bulletin JSB 033-1 instructing the replacement of Type A circlips manufactured to the JIS B 2804 specification which were supplied in engines and as spare parts piston kit P/N T4A543A0D.

Testing and service experience has shown that the affected Type A (JIS B 2804) circlips are unusually sensitive to installation techniques, causing the circlip to migrate in service leading to catastrophic engine damage.

Download AD/JABIRENG 1 from the CASA website for more details.

24 August 2011

Sonex have issued a Mandatory Service Notice affecting Waiex and XenosTail/Fuselage attachment components.

Go to: Service Bulletin Accident leading up to the bulletin (Here)

29 June 2011


June 29 2011 Sonex has issued a mandatory service bulletin for gear leg bolts on all Sonex, Waiex and Xenos aircraft.
Go to: Sonex service bulletins

Go to the Sonextalk Yahoo group for more information on this service bulletin. Look for the posting on 28 June by Bob Mika:
'Rick Wantz Saved my Aircraft and Maybe me too' Message #63219 and follow up messages. Sonex talk